About us

Waxi Ltd is located in Longgang District of Shenzhen,which is specialized in developing,manufacturing and selling intelligent visible sonic toothbrush.We have professional R&D team with 10-year rich experience in innovative electric products line and will continue to develop a wide range of innovative products in the future.

Our mission: Healthy Living, Wonderful Life!

Our Service Guide: Prevention is better than cure!

We developed an intelligent visible toothbrush and already applied the patent in China.

★ HD camera - detect oral health in real-time;
★ Built-in WiFi - connect with smart phone/tablet in real-time;
★ Large storage - record and track the oral health issues;
★ Food grade brush head - use securely;
★ Wireless charge - easy to carry and charge.

Intelligent visible toothbrush is the upgraded version based on normal sonic toothbrush in the market, it can enhance the fun when brushing and detecting the oral condition in real-time. Being a “family dentist”, it prevents users' oral disease, and enhances their health awareness.




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